All the Ways Things Could Go: An Immersive Guided Journal Experience

$ 22.99 USD

A hardcover guided journal that utilizes writing prompts, visual design, and experiential exercises to help you explore life’s possibilities, your sense of self, and your views and values through creative writing and the probing of your imagination.

Contains 145 pages of writing prompts, drawing prompts, and exercises that are designed to help inspire new perspectives, foster gratitude, address otherwise difficult personal topics, and develop your creative writing style and abilities in general.

This journal was produced and written by Robert Pantano, the writer and creator of the YouTube channel and production house Pursuit of Wonder. It utilizes and provides insights into the ways of thinking that help inspire the content on the channel and elsewhere.

(This version contains all the same elements as the version listed on Amazon, but is a slightly modified, earlier version (V.1))