Audiobook bundle (Millions of Little Threads + The Closer We Get)

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Enjoy both of Robert Pantano’s thought-provoking audiobooks, The Closer We Get and Millions of Little Threads.

The Closer We Get combines a timeless exploration of the intricacies and struggles of relationships with the backdrop of an increasingly surreal and mind-bending near-future world. It is a heartfelt novella that cuts to the core of love’s challenges without any sugarcoating.

Genre: Psychological fiction & philosophical fiction

Audiobook length: 1:33:19

Millions of Little Threads is a deeply dark yet almost comical exploration of humanity’s increasing alienation from itself. It will make you ponder the nature of progress, of technology, and of what it means to find oneself caught in the whirlpool of existence.

Genre: Speculative fiction & philosophical fiction

Audiobook length: 1:05:45

Both audiobooks are narrated by Robert Pantano (the voice of Pursuit of Wonder videos)

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