Millions of Little Threads

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“It’s like there are a million little threads attached to everything—everything you think and choose and encounter—and all the threads are destined to get tangled up eventually.”

Kennedy Weatherly is a lonely, anxious young man working in finance. After implanting a brain-machine interface—a device controlled and interacted with through brain signals—he inexplicably begins experiencing problems with it. Unable to locate or identify the source on his own, Kennedy soon finds himself in a maze of absurd customer support processes as his problem only seems to get worse. He must struggle to regain control over his life in the progressively surreal and disorienting landscape of the near future.

A deeply dark yet almost comical exploration of humanity’s increasing alienation from itself, Millions of Little Threads will make you ponder the nature of progress, of technology, and of what it means to find oneself caught in the whirlpool of existence.

  • Paperback book