Notes from the End of Everything

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The debut book of the writer and creator of the YouTube channel and production house, Pursuit of Wonder.

Description: After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, writer John Gallo spends his time confronting his lifelong sense of fraudulence, regret, and self-misunderstanding, all while loosely chronicling the development of his cancer.

Formed out of a collection of journal-like essays posthumously discovered on his computer, we follow Gallo’s mind as he ruminates on concepts and theories of time, being, death, anxiety, creativity, despair, isolation, happiness, wonder, absurdity, and other eternal themes of life—big and small.

The work carries a tone of existentialism as well as a culmination of other complimentary and sometimes contradictory philosophies that meld into a modern, accessible take that is simultaneously dark and hopeful.

Genres: Literary fiction & philosophy