The Closer We Get (audiobook)

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From the writer and creator of the YouTube channel Pursuit of Wonder and the author of the Amazon best sellers Notes from the End of Everything and The Art of Living a Meaningless Existence comes this timely, heartfelt novella that cuts to the core of love’s challenges without any sugarcoating. 

Adam has spent the last couple of years focusing on himself, trying to get his life and career in order. Now, entering his thirties, he’s painfully alone, struggling to meet and date anyone.

After a series of unusual encounters with a woman whom Adam feels an attraction to unlike anyone he has before, he begins to experience strange problems, and he finds himself in deeply unsettling situations. Adam must discover what it means to love and be loved, and what he's willing to endure and sacrifice to truly be with someone.

The Closer We Get combines a timeless exploration of the intricacies and struggles of relationships with the backdrop of an increasingly surreal and mind-bending near-future world.

Genre: Psychological fiction & philosophical fiction

Audiobook length: 1:33:19

Narrated by: Robert Pantano (the voice of Pursuit of Wonder videos)

No music in audiobook

©2023 Robert K. Pantano (P)2023 Robert K. Pantano

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