The Hidden Story of Every Person: & Other Short Stories

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A collection of short stories that bend the mind, pull the heartstrings, and explore the eternal questions of existence.

Originally published as videos seen by millions on Robert Pantano’s popular YouTube channel Pursuit of Wonder, The Hidden Story of Every Person contains thirty-one of Pantano’s short fiction stories, including The Nova Effect, The Last Thought You’ll Ever Have, and The Beginning & End of Humanity. The collection offers wide-ranging reimaginations of reality, both familiar and distant, comfortable and unsettling, each story probing into different science and philosophically driven themes, including the essence of self, the nature of reality, the role of chance in life, the implications of technology, humanity’s place in the cosmos, the experience of anxiety, regret, compassion, and much more.

The stories contained have been re-edited and improved since their original publications in video form but broadly remain consistent.